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Exam Success!

We’re delighted to report that the newest member of the John Fraser & Son family is measuring up!

James has been studying towards entry into the British Institute of Embalmers and - after a number of months of hard work and homework - has passed two embalming theory exams with tremendous marks.

The first module covered the history of embalming from ancient Egyptian times to the present day, and - crucially - gave an in-depth understanding of the grieving process. It’s vitally important for us to appreciate how grief impacts us, so we can better support the families of those in our care. Straight after passing his first exam, James was back at the books studying for module 2. In this module James studied microorganisms, microbiology and disease aetiology - including types of cancer and tumours and how they might effect the embalming process.

Although James found this recent module decidedly harder than Module 1, he also found it more interesting.

Well done James - and all the best for module 3!

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