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Our History

Today’s funeral director works as part of a professionalised industry, providing highly personalised funeral services to meet both religious and non-religious needs.

John Fraser & Son has always been sensitive to the needs of changing times, and takes a proactive approach to the future, serving local communities by responding to the wishes of our clients.

Being trusted to carry out someone’s last wishes is a great responsibility bestowed upon us by the families of the deceased. We respond by delivering the highest quality service with respect, attention to detail and genuine empathy for the deceased and the family accompanying them on the last journey.

A glimpse into the past of our profession

Our Founder

John Fraser 1866 – 1943

John qualified as a carpenter in 1884 and rented the original premises on Academy Street, Inverness. At this time, local carpenters were also funeral directors, so the business handled both roles for the community.

2nd Generation

John Gordon Fraser 1904 – 1953

John Gordon joined the family business straight from school; the carpentry side ceased trading so that the business could focus on funeral services. He also expanded the business to offer wholesale services to funeral directors across the Highlands. His wife worked in an administrative role, which she retained when their son Ian came on board.

3rd Generation

Ian Crawford Fraser 1930 – 2014

Ian also joined the business straight from school. The business premises moved to Chapel Street, originally into a house which the family converted to make suitable for the business needs; later, this was demolished and the purpose built Funeral Home, still in use today, was established. During Ian’s working life he had the privilege of working with his father, mother and sister Edith, who also worked on the administrative side. Edith’s support allowed him the flexibility to serve as a local councillor in the 1970s, and then become Provost of Inverness 1975 – 1980, whilst still remaining active in the family business.

Ian was extremely focused and driven. Over the years, he expanded the business to include memorials and pre-paid funeral plans. More recently, he engineered the opening of our funeral home in Dingwall which opened in 2013. Ian was closely involved in the design and overseeing of the project.

4th Generation

Victoria (Vicki) Elizabeth Fraser

On finishing school, Vicki completed a BA in Business Studies in Edinburgh, then joined the business in 2003. She is now the Proprietor and continues to practice the high standards set by previous generations across all aspects of the business.

Vicki initiated a rebranding of John Fraser & Son, introducing important touches of modernisation including the first acquisition of silver vehicles in the Highlands, full renovation and expansion of the funeral home, and the addition of Fraser tartan to the company livery.

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