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Pre-paid Funeral Plans

Choosing to arrange a personalised pre-paid funeral plan protects your loved ones from the responsibilities of decision-making at a difficult time, ensures that your final wishes are carried out and fixes the cost at today’s prices.

Secure the funeral you want – without the worry of spiralling costs

Because John Fraser & Son tailor every plan to meet the client’s individual needs, it is helpful to meet with us in order to discuss all the options available to you.

While planning your own funeral may feel strange, a pre-paid arrangement offers great practical and emotional advantages to your family. In choosing John Fraser & Son, you can be assured that your final wishes will be carried out to the letter, by experienced professionals delivering the highest standards of service and immaculate presentation.

Peace Of Mind

A pre-paid funeral significantly reduces the emotional and financial strain on your loved ones; all they have to do is make a single phone call to implement your plan.

Financial Assurance

Predictions suggest that by 2025, the average cost of a funeral could be as high as £6,713. Planning your funeral ahead avoids increased financial commitment, fixing costs at today’s prices

Flexible Payment Plans

You can choose to pay by whatever method suits you best - with a lump sum, with 12 monthly instalments, or over a longer period up to 30 years.

Contact us to arrange a meeting, where we can discuss, under no obligation, the practical advantages of putting in place a pre-paid, personalised funeral plan.

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2015, 2018

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